Alientech 0.01
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CAlienPlanetsView Class Reference

#include <AlienPlanetsView.h>

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Public Member Functions

CAlienPlanetsDocGetDocument () const
virtual void OnDraw (CDC *pDC)
virtual BOOL PreCreateWindow (CREATESTRUCT &cs)
virtual ~CAlienPlanetsView ()

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Protected Member Functions

 CAlienPlanetsView ()
virtual void OnInitialUpdate ()
virtual BOOL OnPreparePrinting (CPrintInfo *pInfo)
virtual void OnBeginPrinting (CDC *pDC, CPrintInfo *pInfo)
virtual void OnEndPrinting (CDC *pDC, CPrintInfo *pInfo)
virtual BOOL IsSelected (const CObject *pDocItem) const
afx_msg void OnDestroy ()
afx_msg void OnSetFocus (CWnd *pOldWnd)
afx_msg void OnSize (UINT nType, int cx, int cy)
afx_msg void OnInsertObject ()
afx_msg void OnCancelEditCntr ()
afx_msg void OnFilePrint ()
afx_msg void OnFilePrintPreview ()
afx_msg void OnRButtonUp (UINT nFlags, CPoint point)
afx_msg void OnContextMenu (CWnd *pWnd, CPoint point)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 9 of file AlienPlanetsView.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CAlienPlanetsView::CAlienPlanetsView ( ) [protected]

Definition at line 41 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

CAlienPlanetsView::~CAlienPlanetsView ( ) [virtual]

Definition at line 48 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

CAlienPlanetsDoc * CAlienPlanetsView::GetDocument ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 66 of file AlienPlanetsView.h.

BOOL CAlienPlanetsView::IsSelected ( const CObject *  pDocItem) const [protected, virtual]

Definition at line 150 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnBeginPrinting ( CDC *  pDC,
CPrintInfo *  pInfo 
) [protected, virtual]

Definition at line 123 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnCancelEditCntr ( ) [protected]

Definition at line 213 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnContextMenu ( CWnd *  pWnd,
CPoint  point 
) [protected]

Definition at line 275 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnDestroy ( ) [protected]

Definition at line 133 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnDraw ( CDC *  pDC) [virtual]

Definition at line 62 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnEndPrinting ( CDC *  pDC,
CPrintInfo *  pInfo 
) [protected, virtual]

Definition at line 128 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnFilePrint ( ) [protected]

Definition at line 252 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnFilePrintPreview ( ) [protected]

Definition at line 110 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnInitialUpdate ( ) [protected, virtual]

Definition at line 96 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnInsertObject ( ) [protected]

Definition at line 161 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

BOOL CAlienPlanetsView::OnPreparePrinting ( CPrintInfo *  pInfo) [protected, virtual]

Definition at line 117 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnRButtonUp ( UINT  nFlags,
CPoint  point 
) [protected]

Definition at line 269 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnSetFocus ( CWnd *  pOldWnd) [protected]

Definition at line 226 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

void CAlienPlanetsView::OnSize ( UINT  nType,
int  cx,
int  cy 
) [protected]

Definition at line 244 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

BOOL CAlienPlanetsView::PreCreateWindow ( CREATESTRUCT &  cs) [virtual]

Definition at line 52 of file AlienPlanetsView.cpp.

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